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Become a cast member

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Join the cast of one of Kentucky's top rated Haunted Houses.  Do you love Acting, Theater, Cosplay or Performing?  We have speaking and non-speaking roles and you may be just who we are looking for.  Also, looking for make-up artists, customer service and animation technician.  Please apply below.


We are looking for highly energetic and motivated individuals who would love scaring the pants off people.

•   No experience necessary
•   Ages 13-17 years may volunteer
    18+ eligible for payroll
•   You must have reliable transportation
•   You must be available on select nights for a      key role


Complete the form below and someone will contact you about setting up an interview/audition.


The Audition Process

In order to place you in an appropriate role we have to see what you can do. 
You will be asked to complete some required paperwork before we get started.

We will ask you to perform several


• A Zombie/Monster Noise

• A Manic Laughter

• An overdramatic cry

• A zoned out psych patient

• A twitchy psych patient

You will be asked to perform lines if you would like a speaking role.  You may perform a prepared monologue based on a character type you most identify with.  If you are interested in a non-speaking role you will be asked to make monster noises and showcase movements.

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